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My Arianna ring in brass made daily deviation today! Thank you all so much for your love and support. <3 And thanks to :iconbacktalking: for suggesting it and :iconbrookette: for featuring! I'm eternally grateful. :) I hope to have a smaller and more dainty version up soon, if a big ring isn't your thing.

If you are interested in purchasing this ring, it is available on my website in both brass and silver, and with black or white pearls. :)
I'm doing a giveaway for a custom bangle on my facebook. That means a bangle featuring ANYTHING you want! Created just for you!

If you like my jewelry go enter to win! I love my DA family and would enjoy very much giving this away to one of you creative people. :D

What is more romantic than the vibrant colors of nebulas and glittering stars that are scattered about the heavens? This set features five different bangles, all showcasing gorgeous nebulae and sparkling stars.

Astral Plane. (Orion's Belt)

Dreamscape. (NGC 3603 Star Cluster)

Envy. (Horsehead Nebula)

Into the Heavens. (Star-Forming Region S106)

String Theory. (Witch's Broom Nebula)


Bangles are handmade from clear resin and have an inner diameter of 2 5/8".

The giveaway for the entire set can be found here.

The bangles for purchase can be found here.

All ya gotta do is follow us on instagram, repost, and tag us omniastudios! We don't have many instagram follower so there's a huge chance you'll win. Help us out! :D

Float On by kerinewton
We are deciding to leave the shop open for preorders over the week while we are out of town at a trade show. That means you can order that jelly bangle! That also means processing and shipping times will be a bit longer as we won't be able to ship your order until next week.

But we've updated our stock so you are guaranteed the bangle of your dreams. :)

Omnia Oddities.

For everyone that is interested in purchasing a Float On jellyfish bangle from my shop I would like to let you know that I am on vacation for the next week and will not be in my studio to make them. I will return after next week and will have plenty more for sale. AND for being so patient I will give out a 20% discount for everyone on DA that had to wait for one!

I hope you all keep checking back! We'll have plenty for Float On bangles as well as some new designs when we return. :)
Today I'm offering half off all photo and art print on my website. I'll probably run the sale through the weekend though. :)
So if you are on Facebook and are interested please enter! :)
I'm really trying to get into the swing of working on several pieces at once, so that I'll never be artistically idle. I'm really liking how this wood piece is turning out and I want to work on a few more of them. I also am wondering if anyone would be interested in owning pieces like this? I can sell my jewelry like crazy but it seems as if no one wants to buy my art. :( hehe

I'd like to start taking some new commissions. I'm finishing up a couple right now but would like to start work on some imaginative and fun commissions that will help me break out of my comfort zone. I have one in the works where I am sculpting brains from clay... not my usual cup of tea but damn if it isn't crazy fun (but super time consuming!).

So yeah. Hit me up with ideas. :D
OMNIA ODDITIES is open for business!

I'll be selling prints as well as original artwork, and those bracelets you all like? Yeah. We have those too. :)

Autumn Bangle by kerinewton
Departure by kerinewton

And to everyone that comments on my deviations, I get so many comments I apologize if yours has gone unanswered. If you have a question please just message me!
Ceramic sugar skull air plant hanger by kerinewton

They will be available for sale very soon! Stock is limited, maybe about 10 or so available once store is up and running. To keep tabs on the status of our online store prior to launch, please visit our fb.

Any color suggestions? I know alot of people liked this grey/teal color combo, but I'm running to the ceramics supply in the next day or so for some new glazes and was wondering what you guys think would look good? :)
follow me if ya wanna, i'd like to connect with more artists and see your stuffs all day long on my phone. :D

kerinewton (a day in my life and works in progress)
omniastudios (our studio updates and all finished art/photography/apparel)
I'm putting together a load of signed prints and a few original pieces along with a copy of my 2012 artbook (the last one left!). I have been doing my giveaways through our studio's facebook page, and would encourage all of my lovely watchers to please "like" our page for your chance to win. It'll be a huge slew of goodies which includes 10+ signed prints: most 11x14, 2 or more ORIGINAL drawings on bristol board: various sizes, and a copy of my limited edition 2012 artbook that was sold at my gallery show last June. You'll also get some other awesome freebies thrown in. So please, share our page if you can and show us your support and love! We really need to get this street team thing rollin'. ;) You can find us on facebook here: Omnia Studios!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The giveaway will be started sometime this week, once I get all of the items together that will be included. :)
Congrats to SycamoreSea for winning my "name that sketch" post. She gets a signed print!

And please, anyone looking for a bangle go here and read our blog. It'll fill you in on what's up with our store and why I don't have any right now.
Please do not send me a note about them, I receive so many notes I barely have time to respond to them all. Sorry. :(

And to anyone else looking for prints, although they are not for sale at the moment I have been giving them away on our FB page randomly. So be sure to check us out there and like our page to be kept in the loop. I am actually putting together a goodie bag right now full of pretty stuffs for our next giveaway coming up soon. Thanks for everyone's support. :)
Givin' away some neat stuff in a couple of different ways! First, give my latest deviation :thumb355313133: a name and if I choose it you win a signed print! Also, like our studio on facebook to earn some other neat stuffs and keep up with whatever projects we might be workin' on.

I will say that the weather down here is gettin' warmer and that means TIME TO PLAY IN CLAY! So more crazy clay tentacle creations soon. :)

Thatssss riiighttt! We wanna do some awesome custom beachwear (swimsuits, trunks, bikinis, towels) and we need to know what the people want! So, in order to have this stuff rolled out in time for summer, please check out our blog and give us some input. We need ideas for designs (or your favorite pieces thus far) and what sizes you wear, what products you're interested in, etc etc etc! So like us on FB, spread the word, but most importantly check out the blog post and give us some feedback! :D

Now, check out that blog!
Is in stock! Only a limited quantity available, so grab one now for Christmas!

Omnia Studios on
Available! We are nixing the eBay store (yeah yeah yeah... I can't make up my mind, can I?) and are trying out a new site called Our store is
here and we have currently 3 Winter Bangles in our inventory. If you wanted one, now is your chance to grab one!
I bought a sewing machine. Andddd.... I'm thinking about making spats. You know, these things il 430x N26328738.

So, would anyone be interested? I think they are really cute and I'd like to experiment with different designs and fabrics. :3
We will have resin bangles up soon! Oh joy! But while you wait feel free to browse the current selection (although currently a bit sparse) of handmade jewelry and art prints! I add a couple of new items every day so there should be plenty up soon. ALSO until tomorrow (though I might extend it through Monday...) everything is 15% off in celebration of what I call "Buy a Bunch of Crap Weekend." Enjoy!

Omnia Studios Ebay Stoooooore